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The distance app helps you find out how far is the nearest state line, or the border of your home state to neighboring states. You can also check how far your city is from all of the surrounding states. The big difference with this tool is that you get accurate distances to the state border, not just to the center of the state or some city within the state. This tool is optimized for the continental U.S. but eventually we may add other locations. Take a day trip or spend a weekend exploring other states within driving distance of your hometown.

How far am I from the state line?

distance to Alaska border
distance to Nebraska border
distance to South Carolina border
distance to Utah border
distance to Vermont border

towns on the Arkansas-Missouri border

Watertown to Alaska
How far is Watertown from the state line?

Roselle to Nebraska
How far is Roselle from the state line?

Reidsville to South Carolina
How far is Reidsville from the state line?

Angleton to Utah
How far is Angleton from the state line?

Cutlerville to Vermont
How far is Cutlerville from the state line?

Alaska to Nebraska
South Carolina to Utah

list of all 50 states


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